Who can help me?

It can be a bit daunting starting to exercise on your own but don’t worry, there are lots of people that can help you.

There may be a Walking for Health group offering regular short guided walks in your area, you can check the website to find out. If you are happy to walk on your own why not check out Walk4Life to find walks in your area. You might also find a local group to walk with.

Your council or other local organisations might run guided walks too, check the local paper or ‘what’s on’ listings. Some areas have local on-line communities, often these have walking groups, check out Nextdoor to see if anyone is looking for someone to walk with in your area.

If you have a friend who lives nearby who also wants to be more active why not talk to them and see if you can arrange a regular walk and talk? Alternatively if you have a friend or neighbour with a dog why not ask if you can go for a walk with them.

Sustrans promote cycling and provide lots of information on where you can go with your bike, including safe, traffic free routes.

Your local council will provide exercise classes and swimming facilities. If you get in touch they should be able to point you in the direction of activities suited to your ability and experience.

Be Inspired UK provide an easy to use directory of the sport and fitness opportunities in your area.

There are lots of independent exercise facilities including gyms and exercise classes. Many classes are suitable for beginners, look for ones with qualified instructors. A good place to look is Class Finder. The website allows you to search for classes suitable for beginners. There are reviews too so you can get a feel for what the class or instructor is like before you turn up.

If you enjoy tennis, the Tennis for free website lists free places you can play.

Your doctor can help too.