I’m ready for change

Ok, so you have read the advice on this website and realised that it is time to change and be more active. That’s fantastic! But what next?

Check out this section of the website for advice on how to get started and the different types of exercise.

What will work for you

Have a think about what kind of activity you want to do. A good place to start is by thinking about what you feel most comfortable with. Do you like being outside or do you prefer to be inside? Do you like the idea of exercising with other people or would you rather be on your own? Do you want the reassurance of a professional instructor or are you happy without one?

If you like being outside how about walking or cycling? If you prefer to be indoors on your own, how about an exercise DVD or on-line class? If you enjoy exercising with other people perhaps you’d prefer to attend a class or go to the gym. Or if you like dancing how about a dance class or club, or if that is too daunting to start with how about a dance DVD or using an activity-based game console, there are several types you can use to to play sports such as tennis, bowling and dance.

Fitting activity into your day

It’s also important to think about how you can fit exercise into your day. Can you fit extra walking into your day, for example walking short journeys or walking up the stairs instead of using the lift? Can you fit in a walk at lunchtime, or cycle to work? Have you got time to attend an exercise class in the evening, or perhaps on your way home from work? Do you fancy a swim in the morning?

If you are a parent and find yourself spending a lot of time taking your children to their activities, is there anything you can do that ties in with what they’re doing? For example if you are taking them to swimming lessons can you swim at the same time? Or instead of waiting in the car for half an hour can you go for a walk instead?