Stephen who is 22 was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes when he was 14.

“I hated been diabetic, I hated being different. I felt that having diabetes was stopping me enjoying my youth.”

His doctor talked to him about what he could do to improve his quality of life. Stephen had enjoyed sport up to the age of 14 but after his diagnosis he had stopped playing. They discussed how people with diabetes can exercise and how it can help them manage their condition.

Stephen thought about what he wanted to do and talked it through with his diabetes team. They gave him advice on altering his insulin dose for exercise, the potential need for fast acting carbohydrates to deal with hypos and the importance of regular blood sugar testing.

“I now play 5 aside football 3 times a week with my old school friends, and with new friends from work. I’m so much happier, I feel part of a team again.”

Stephen has found that he’s learnt a lot about managing his diabetes and the regular exercise has made him fitter and happier.