Phil and Don


Phil and Don are friends. Both of them have been overweight and have mild blood pressure and raised lipids – they are typical pre-diabetics.

Don was advised by his doctor to be more active and change his lifestyle. He didn’t take the advice and one year later became type 2 diabetic.

“I should have listened to the doctor in the first place. He warned me, and I didn’t listen. It’s a bit late but I am now doing all the things I should have done when I first went to see him, and I feel much better for it.”

Don now walks everyday and has lost weight. and is controlling his diabetes with diet alone.

Phil first went to the doctor 20 year sago and was advised to be more active and lose weight. He followed the advice but returned to the GP 20 years later with borderline blood sugar levels.

“I have hurt my back, so I’ve stopped doing a lot of the activities I used to do. I’m amazed at the difference it’s made – I’m in real danger of developing diabetes now, which is crazy.”

His doctor gave him some exercises for his back. “The back exercises have really helped, I can move better and can go back to exercising soon I hope.”

“I can’t believe Phil is diabetic now and I’m not. We were at school together, we’ve known each other for years – he never did listen to advice!”


Phil and Don