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Phil used to work in an office. He travelled by public transport and clocked up about 10 miles of walking a week getting to and from work. He also used to walk around town at lunchtime. When his job became home-based he realised he wasn’t getting out anymore and was putting on weight.

“Some days I find I never leave the house, it’s starting to get me down and I’m getting heavier.”

Phil decided he had to do something about it. He arranged to take a neighbour’s dog out at lunchtime each day. “It’s amazing, I hadn’t realised what a social activity dog walking is, I’ve met lots of new people and I find I get much more work done when I get back. I use the walking time to think things through.”

One of the people he met while out walking was looking for someone to play tennis with. Phil hadn’t played for years but they agreed to meet up and now play at least once a week.

“I’m so much happier, I have more in my life, I am fitter and I have started to lose the weight I’d put on.” Phil