Moira is 67 and had suffered a heart attack in the past. Her symptoms started to get worse and she was worried that she was gong to have another attack.

Her doctor suggested that she should make some changes to her lifestyle including stopping smoking and starting exercise.

First her condition was stabilised with drugs – medical guidelines say that patients with heart failure must have their condition stabilised before any increase in activity takes place.

With the help of her cardiologist and heart failure service she started a gentle walking program. Once she had established a routine and shown no worsening of her symptoms she increased her walking, waking further and a bit faster.

2 years on she walks every day and her condition is stable.

“I feel so much better, my life is better. I used to think I was sure to have another heart attack and die. Now I don’t think about it at all. I enjoy my walk and I’m more confident to go out and get on with my life.”