Mike had a heart attack at 48. He became very nervous about doing anything active after his heart attack in case he had another attack. He was offered cardio rehabilitation exercise sessions but didn’t dare take them up.

His GP told him about how valuable exercise is, and explained that it reduces the risk of dying by between 13-26% for people with his condition.

“I had no idea that the thing I was most scared of, exercise, was actually the thing best thing I could do to prevent me having another heart attack.”

His first step was to attend cardio rehabilitation sessions where he was given gym exercises. He also discussed what else he could do with is doctor and started walking and cycling.

10 years on Mike is fit and active, he now spends all of his holidays walking and cycling in countries all over the world.

“The heart attack changed my life completely – in a good way. Once I realised how important it was to get fit I really started to enjoy it. I look back on who I was before and can’t believe that person was ever me.”