Teresa is 50 and has multiple sclerosis.

“I’ve had it for 17 years and mostly been ok, but about a year ago it started to get worse, I’ve now got a progressive form. I went back to the doctors after I fell over.”

“Having progressive MS really knocks your confidence. After I fell over the first time I was scared to go out in case it happened again. I didn’t want anyone to see how weak I was, and I was afraid I’d hurt myself.”

Her doctor advised her to keep active despite her fears. he suggested that she try walking aids to help with balance and reduce the risk of falling again.

“I make myself go for a walk every day. I started with a stick but now I have to use a wheeled trolley thing.  It helps me keep my balance. Walking has helped me with my quality of life, I feel more confident and I enjoy it. I’m determined to keep going for as long as I can.”

“I felt trapped at home before, with not much to think about except my illness. Now I meet people and can chat to them, and I notice things like birds singing and flowers coming out.”