Joyce is 80 and had a knee replaced 3 years ago and is waiting to have her other one done. The first knee is still giving her trouble and she isn’t sure about having the second replacement even though she is in pain.

She was overweight and doesn’t get much exercise. “When my knees started to hurt I sort of gave up, I don’t really do much anymore.”

Her doctor sent her for aqua therapy and physiotherapy to help strengthen the muscles in her new knee, and to build up muscles in her other knee in advance of her having her operation.

The therapy was very effective. “I feel so good, I’m like a bunny in a field”  says Joyce. Strengthening the muscles in her knees has made such a difference that she no longer feels she needs her knee replacing. “I can’t believe it really, I was in such a lot of pain I couldn’t wait to have the operation, now I think I can manage without, at least for another couple of years anyway.”