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Jean is 84 years old.

She has been diagnosed with heart arrhythmia, high blood pressure, bladder cancer and COPD, she is also overweight.

She lives in a very hilly area

She gets short of breath when she walks at a consistent, moderate pace.

“I used to get very scared when I got out of breath, it made me want to stay at home and not do anything. I was frightened it would make me worse and that I’d have a heart attack.”

However, she noticed the less she did the worse her symptoms became.

Her daughter suggested that she started to walk each day and increase the distance of the walks a little each time.

She started by making sure she walked at least 100 yds. per day then increased to 200 yds. She gradually built up to walking about half a mile each day. Some days she walks up to a mile. If she gets out of breath she stops, gets her breath back and then continues.

She feels much better both physically and psychologically after her walk.

“I look forward to getting out of the house for my walk. I enjoy seeing people in the village. When I was frightened to walk, because I got out of breath, I was in danger of becoming depressed as I didn’t see many people. It doesn’t matter what the weather is like I always feel better after it …and I can justify having a nice little nap in the afternoon.”