Heather is 28 and pregnant. She suffered with morning sickness for the first 12 weeks and found the best way to avoid feeling sick was to eat something. As a consequence she started to gain weight.

Heather is determined not to gain too much weight during her pregnancy. She’s also been told that women who are in good physical shape find labour easier. “I don’t know if anyone has an easy labour, but I’m going to get fit so that I’ll be able to cope with it” says Heather.

Heather started with an aqua fitness class specifically aimed at pregnant women. “It’s great to be in the pool with lots of women going who are in the same position as me, we can compare bumps.” She found that the exercise gave her more energy so she decided to join an exercise class too, run by the same trainer.

“I love going to the class. The trainer gives me different exercises to do if what we are doing isn’t suitable for me. I don’t mind her saying ‘If any of you are pregnant do this instead’ while smiling at me.”

Heather finds she is happier and less tired than she was before she started regular activity. “I feel more in control of my body, I’m happy that I’m not getting too fat. I plan to start again as soon as I can after my baby is born.”