Emily is 73. She was diagnosed with lung cancer 3 years ago. She had an operation to remove part of a lung and chemotherapy.

“After my operation and chemo I was very short of breath and very tired. I could hardly do anything, I could only walk about 10 yards before I needed a rest. I felt really useless”

At a follow up appointment with his/her GP they discussed trying to improve Emily’s fitness.

“The doctor said I needed to get fitter, I said ‘how can I? I can hardly walk?’. She said how about walking as far as you can several times a day – we agreed on at least 3 times a day, more if possible. After only 3 weeks I’d managed to walk 20 yards, which still isn’t very far but it’s twice as far as I could do before.”

“Now I’m really chuffed as I can get to my greenhouse so life is worth living again.”