When Elsie was 85 she had a fall and fractured a bone in her pelvis. She was diagnosed with osteoporosis and given treatment.

Her doctor advised her to start walking, supported by a stick, as soon as her fracture healed.

“Falling took all my confidence away. I was scared to go outside in case I fell again. My doctor told me I should do it though, and advised I started to use a stick. I found the stick really helped, it made me feel more confident. I only walked on flat ground and I didn’t go very far but I went out everyday.”

One year later unfortunately Elsie slipped on the stairs. She took a while to heal and didn’t get out for 6 weeks.

“A few weeks of sitting around soon took its toll, I really started to feel my age. I couldn’t even get up from a chair anymore! I felt very unsteady on my feet and started to be scared about falling again.”

Her doctor referred her to physiotherapist. The physio showed her exercises she could do at home to help build up her muscles to make it easier to get up out of a chair. Grab rails and supports were installed around her house to make life easier.

“The physio is a lovely lady, she showed me some exercises to do at home. At first they seemed hard but after a while I got better at them. They made  difference too, I now feel confident walking around the house, although I keep my stick handy and have all these rails and things to help me if I need them.”

“I still manage to get out for a walk every day, although I link arms with my son or my carer just in case these days. I’m 88 now and don’t think I’m doing too bad for my age, I’m still pretty independent. After my fall a few years ago I thought that was it, so I’m very happy.”