When Clifford was 60 years old his health was pretty poor. He was overweight, snoring badly, suffering from acid reflux and shortness of breath.

“I had to give up golf as I could only struggle round 5 holes.”

He was referred to the hospital for his snoring and weight and given advice about reducing sugars and eating smaller portions. His snoring was being made worse by his weight, his acid reflux was affecting his vocal cords.

He took the advice and started to lose weight.

“I started to eat less and started going for walks. At first I could hardly go any distance at all but now I can walk for quite a long way.

“At 61, one year on from my lowest point, I was back playing golf, I’d lost over 5 stone in weight. I’d come off my acid reflux medication, my snoring was much better. In fact my wife had started sleeping with me again.”

One year on Clifford went back to the doctors. His was struggling with golf again, now only playing 9 holes and walking in a shuffly manner. His doctor diagnosed Parkinson’s disease.

“It wasn’t a shock, I think I knew what it was. I’m on Parkinson’s medication, I’ve lost some more weight, and I am back to playing 18 holes. I can’t imagine what would have happened to me if  the doctor hadn’t got me started when I was 60 though. If I hadn’t started to get active I’d never have coped with the Parkinson’s.”