An is 43 years old has a family history of heart disease at a regular check up was worried to discover that his cholesterol levels were high, and his blood pressure was higher than it should have been. His doctor put the readings into his system and it came back suggesting a prescription of a statin.

Male 3 didn’t want to take tablets and asked his doctor what the alternatives were. They discusses exercise, known to reduce both blood lipids and blood pressure levels.

He decided to start cycling again, and began to cycle to work daily.

“I’d forgotten how much I enjoy cycling. I now bike to work and usually go for 2 longer rides at the weekend.”

On a return visit to the doctors he found that his blood pressure had fallen and lipid levels had fallen slightly. The doctor put the readings back into the same system which came back with ‘no prescription needed.”

“I did it! No drugs and I’m so much better. The GP tells me I may have to have drugs at some point in the future, but for now I’m happy, and I’ve rediscovered cycling. Even if I do have to take drugs at some point I’ll carry on with that.”