How can I benefit from activity?

Phys­i­cal inactiv­ity is the fourth biggest killer in the world. As little as 15 min­utes of reg­u­lar daily exer­cise is enough to make you live longer and have a better quality of life.

How I did it

It really is possible to change your life by becoming more active. This section provides real life stories of how people have done just that. It’s inspiring and exciting to see what they have achieved.

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Choose a condition

If you have an existing medical condition exercise can help. This section shows how, and what kinds of exercise are best for different conditions. It shows how regular exercise can help prevent many common conditions.

  • Types of Exercise

    There are lots of types of exercise, it isn’t all getting hot and sweaty. Some exercise helps you build up muscle strength or improve your balance, and of course some does get you a bit warmer. Different types of exercise are helpful in different ways, and not all are recommended for all health conditions.

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